Chapter 8: Reputed to be God, whether it's making pottery or cooking food, they're always splendid!

Stone age

Chapter 8: Reputed to be God, whether it's making pottery or cooking food, they're always splendid!


               "God! What are you doing?"


               "Nothing much. Anyway, what brings thou here? Finder."


               "Nothing, just...since we bring that weird soil that you called it "clay" back. I saw you working on the clay in your house the entire day. So, I wonder what you're doing."


               Yes. You guys might be able to guess what I am creating right now. It's pottery!!! Huh Huh, rice. Wait a little longer. This God is about to eat you. Hahaha...Well, why it sounds a little weird. Forget it.


               "Huh! I'm going to grant ye a new tool. First of all, when thou eat food or drink water, how do thou do?"


               Finder gave a thoughtful look before turning to scratch his head, looking at me suspiciously as if thinking what the hell I was asking.


               "If it is vegetables, we would wash them in the river before eating them as the Lord ordered. As for the meat after washing them, we tear it apart and then eat. As for the water, we walk to the riverside to drink it."


               "Do thou feel any difficulty?"


               "No. In fact, the difficulty is probably the need to bring meat and vegetables to wash before eating. Until now, I still don't understand why you're ordering us to do that." (Finder)


               "For us to receive divine power from the river, that God has shared some of his power in it when he granted us cultivation power. Am I right? God."


               Well, I'm sorry. I forgot that all of you are eating without containers for many generations since your ancestors. Of course, I hate it...I don't like it at all. Folks, imagine this, once they wash their meat, they put them on the floor and tear them apart. Then eat it...oh wait! I forgot to mention that they already have knives. As for vegetables, using a bare hand is kind of acceptable. However, water is the biggest problem. I saw it with my eyes. There is someone who just finished their toilet duty, using their hand to scoop water into their mouth. Honestly, that's unacceptable.


               As for Yuna. Why are you matching everything to God's power? Aren't you having too much faith in me? If I told you that I share my power into the ground, won't you add soil to your food instead of flavoring? Whatever you believe, at least learn to have some limits! Why is the faith system in this era too extreme?


               "Oh~ That's how it is. God is very merciful to us. Not only not bestow us food(?) but also find a way to give us power." (Finder)


               Seriously!!? You are too gullible! How can you easily believe such an absurd thing like that!? You are like people who stupidly believe fake news in the forwarded email. As for are the main storyteller. There are many times when she believes something and then spreads it to the villagers to believe. Although it benefits me, it's sometimes too much, I think.


               Even though I teach them to sash the dirt from the food, well, although that is not that clean, it's better than nothing, you know what? They put it on the ground!!! If it is like this, why on earth do they wash their food in the first place!!! Irritating! Thinking about this drives me mad.




               Speaking of hygiene and food, I just realized that currently, they are eating everything raw. For example, fish, we remove fishbone and eat it raw. It's like we are in a Japanese restaurant that serves us Sashimi every meal. It's such a pleasure...


               Hell no!! How could it be like that? It's RAW!!! There are parasites, bacteria, and tons of stuff in it. Surviving up until this day is considered very lucky. Anyway, how did I forget about this? This is a critical matter.

Moreover, I also sit there and eat with them, and even say that it's delicious. That's weird! I wondered if there was something to think about before, so I forgot about it for sure.


               However, teaching them how to cook now is useless since they will just put it on the ground, and it will eventually contaminate anyway. The best it can do is to sterilize a couple of bacteria from hundreds of them. Moreover, teaching them about microorganisms now will be too much for them. I can guarantee that none of them will understand about it...looking at them, they are even stupider than an elementary school kid.


               So, teaching them about containers first, and then cooking. By the way, how should I convince them to put their food on a dish? Hmm...well, if it is hard to use science, let's go with faith!!!


               "Correct, Yuna. Still, what thou said is not complete."


               Yes. I'm summoning the God of lightning drift into my body. C'mon! my believers, let's come and listen to my teaching.


               "Eh! Is that so? What did I miss? God." (Yuna)


               Yuna exclaimed with a worried expression on her face mixed with slight curiosity.


               "It's right that my power that mixed with water will enhance thy body. However, my power is overflowing with kindness. It is therefore divided among all things equally."


               "Everything...equally?...!...does it mean that..." (Yuna)


      you can guess my following bullshit. Making such a surprising face like that so means that you can understand me.


               "Like what thou think, when thou have finished washing it, my power enters the meat. However, by laying it on the ground, it will move to the earth. As a result, the power in the food then fades away."


               "What... If so, what should we do?" (Finder)


               The Finder who suddenly intervened in my conversation with Yuna with a frightening cry...What are you afraid of!? Stop interrupting our conversation. I'm teaching a cute girl, don't you see? Well, since you already asked me that question, I will answer you then.


               "Therefore, I created a tool that can keep the power from flowing into the earth. It's called a "Container"!"


               "Uh, that distorted shape thing?" (Finder)


               "Huh!! what did thou say?"


               Hmm, Finder. You're foul-mouthed; this is not distorted. It's called abstract art! An advanced concept of art! Uncivilized like you won't be able to understand it. Hey, do you know that the dish I made is fantastic? It's both beautiful and full of meaning! Speaking of that, I look into it.

Each part of it is deformed caused by power I applied unevenly distributed. The entire surface of the dish is covered with dents and fingerprints. Overall, it's hard to call it a dish.


               Guys~ be optimistic. The uneven edge of the dish implies a disgusting outer surface that contradicts its own merits for supporting divine power. Well, it teaches you to not judge a book by its cover!... Okay, I admit it! I'm bad at art, and the so-called dish that I am creating is too deformed to call it a dish. Although it seems to be a hole(?) in the middle that can(?) put something in it.


               "Emm...well...the shape like that...can it really hold something?" (Finder)


               "Don't think too much. It became like this because my power is too enormous for the clay to absorb. That's why it loses the shape it's supposed to be."


               Well, remember this, this bowl-like thing is messed up not because I'm wrong, but because I'm too powerful. Remember it and pass it on to others. When I do something wrong in the future, I don't need to think for a new it?


               "That's how it is! I understood. By the way, it looks like it's ready to meltdown all the time. Will it really work?" (Finder)


               "That's right! That's why we need to put it out in the sun to bake it, to drive the power of water away leaving only the strength of the soil."


               Then, I put it in the sun. I waited for a while (hours) and felt that the soil was starting to dry up and settled.


               "Try to hold it."


               I went to pick up my pottery that had just been dried under the hot sun. Even though it doesn't seem to hold up well or looks solid enough, it can perhaps be used. As for the shape...just lets it go!


               "After looking at it, it has a hardness and should be able to hold something...As for the shape..."


               Hey! Can't you stop mention about it!? Do you want to fight me?


               "That's what ye have to create by yourselves. Just make what ye think it's right! Create a thing that ye think can hold your food. As for the shape of it, I will not interfere in this section. Since I already have bestowed upon ye the power to "mold" a thing. Try to use it together with the "Wisdom" to create it."


               Yes, everyone. Just like every time, if you can't figure it out, that's so simple, let them think and do it by themself. Since I can't create and make it look nice myself, I will let them work in my place. What a fantastic idea. No, I should say that God is the light that guides mankind to use their wisdom to the fullest because he trusts in human potential. Well...well...well, such a merciful God.


               "You are so merciful that you trust us. We will not disappoint you."


               Both Yuna and Finder bowed respectfully to me. See? I told you that I let them do it out of trust, not because I couldn't.


               "Excuse me! God." (Yuna)


               "Hmm, what would you like to ask?"


               "Wouldn't the power of water in the food seep into the container?" (Yuna)


               Damnit! Guys, I bragged too much, so it ends up conflicting with each other. Anyone, helpppp! Oh, the God of lightning drift, please help me. So, when I couldn't figure it out, I dealt with it casually.


               "No, this is an exception, for the reason of it, I will let thou think about it thyself. Since I already granted you the "wisdom", try to use it to find the answer."


               Right, I throw shit at them again for the second round. Since they are the ones coming up with the answer, it won't be a surprise if they come up with some sort of supernatural reason. Ah~ Yuna is such a reliable girl.


               After that, the villagers started making various utensils such as plates, bowls, pots, jars, glasses, and other multiple items containing water and food.

Of course, the items that each person has created are beautiful. I'm so envious! No, the reason that I cannot make it is I'm too powerful. Again, it's not about talent but power!


               Well, just sunbaked clay is not strong. I think we need to create earthenware. However, the problem lies with how to make it. I already forgot about it. During history class, teachers only emphasized the type of pottery, where they dig it up, and which era it belongs to, not the way of making it.


               After the villagers come together to mold clay pottery joyfully, more than half a day had passed. Looking at the brand-new sundial I made, it's time for the final process. Drying.


               "Uh? My God. You think it's dry yet?"


               "Emm. It's done. Perhaps."


               I said while scratching my head since I don't know how much time it takes to dry completely. The last time I work with clay might be during Middle school, and I already forgot everything about it. Moreover, that was the only time I have ever mold pottery.


               "Thou can try to catch it, to test it out."


               When I said that, Usba nodded and walked over to pick up the plate he had made. The shape is good enough. It looks closer to the definition of a dish than mine. Although the surface of it is not smooth, it is functional. Plus, it seems to have a lot of usable space. Yes, a lot!


               Usba made a large plate, and it is large enough to put an entire pig on it. I have no idea how he is going to use this big plate. Moreover, this is just an experiment. What if someone else would like to try it? Even though we have it a lot, can you think about those who have to carry it?


               Of course, Usba doesn't know I'm complaining about him secretly. He simply picked up his plate and smiled slightly. After that, he lifted it to the sky and turned towards me.


               "God! it's already dry."


               "Ah, then everyone, bring your work and I'll tell ye how to use them."


               After I finished giving them instructions, everyone went and picked up their containers. Then, I sorted out the types of containers. It can easily sort it out there are plate, cup, and jar. Mostly, they are plates. If I were to guess, they created them according to me. The least are jars; however, damn, your jars look too friendly. Are you going to put it on exhibition? Look! They did an excellent job of styling the shape of these jars. They're both curved and concave, as if using the modern pottery wheel to create it. They're almost at the same level as those ancient Greek jars displaying in the museum.


               "This thing is called a dish. It uses to contain ye meat and vegetables. And this is called a cup use it when you guys drink water. That is a jar, it uses to reserve water from the river, pour it into a cup when you want to drink water. Understood?"


               All the villagers nodded in understanding. Once they knew the purpose of what they had created, they are crazy about their new tools.


               Right, the villagers are very crazy about it. They hurriedly put the meat and vegetables on a plate and eat on it as soon as it is time for lunch. As for the water, they hurried to scoop it up from the river. Then, immediately, pour it into the cup. The is not actually because they want to try out the new thing, but...


               "Hey! before eating, don't forget to put it on a plate. Otherwise, the power of God will not reach us."


               "Of course, I can never forget. Sigh~, I never imagined that eating our food in the old days would waste the power that God has kindness bestowed us."


               "As for the jar, it is a very good invention, don't you think? You don't have to walk to the river that often. However, you need to pour it into the cup often instead."


               "Huh, don't say it like that. You know, I heard from Yuna that pouring water from the jar into the cup is a ritual! So that the power of God of Light can reach us more! Moreover, drinking directly from the jar will grant only the first person who drinks it."


               "Oh my God of light is so merciful! Not only giving us power but also teaching us how to share!"


               "That's right. Moreover..."


               There are all kinds of compliments. Well, if they're happy, then it's good. However, what the hell did Yuna tell them? How did it become like this? I recall that when she asked me why do we need to pour water into the cup. I answered her that drinking through the same jar may cause trouble to the people who use it later. Then, I have no idea how did she tell the other about this. It ends up being the matter of giving God's power and sharing power stuff. This's totally mess up!


               I thought so but made a silly face, scratching my head in a daze. Damn it, even if it's good for them to follow easily, this is troublesome. I don't know how to solve their misunderstanding since all of them already understand it this way!


               Okay! Since the mission for handing over the container to contain foods is done. Next, it's time for the next ritual. It's to transmits my powers of fire into food, which is perhaps how they will understand. Right, I will teach them how to cook!


               But the point is, I'm terrible at cooking! Entire my life, I have only eaten processed food from restaurants or frozen food from the convenience store. The things that can be considered cooking in my life are instant noodles, BBQ, and Shabu! Since now the only thing we have is fire, I can only teach them how to "Grill".


               I still remember the old days when I tried to grill meat on skewers over the fire by copying it from the TV show. The result is "black". I mean the entire thing. Both the chicken and stick are turned into charcoal. Cancer has reached the point of walking and patting my shoulder. However, for all villagers and my desire, I need to give it a try! Villagers should be more likely to survive from the parasites, but there will probably be more and more with cancers.


               Actually, I want to try boiling, but when doing so, the container is not strong enough and ends up broken many times. I guess I'll have to find a way to make pottery appropriately. Thinking about it makes me feel a bit dizzy because I don't know how to do it, as I mentioned before. Well, I'm just an ordinary high schooler, not a genius.



TL. Right now, their pottery is just dried clay baked in the sun. They haven't baked in the kiln yet. Which Arun forgot about it, and it will be done in the following chapters.



               "Alright everyone, it's good to see ye all happy with the new stuff I gave ye. However, there's still one another thing I want to give ye."


               I clapped my hands like a speaker who summoned the audience in various ceremonies to get their attention back from the pots, jars, and bowls. In fact, they are paying too much attention to them. When I look at them, as they pour water into a cup, putting food on the dish, it seems like they are doing some ritual...whatever you see fit!


               "Another thing!?" (Yuna)


               Yuna asked, tilting her head suspiciously. Her tone was mixed with excitement, like a child hearing their parent will buy her a toy. Well, such a study-obsessed girl is completely opposite from this God.


               "Another power! The power that will allow you to gain the power of fire through eating the thing called "Food"!!!"


               When I say, this everyone's faces look confuse and shock. It is impossible for people in this era who see that fire just only gives light and heat to link it to eating.


               "Come and see! I will show it to ye!"


               I finished speaking and took a small piece of meat from the plate prepared by some villagers. Actually, I would like to try with a thicker one. However, it's difficult to control and know whether it's cooked or undercook. So, it would be better to go with safety first.


               I put a small piece of meat into the stick before grilling it over the fire, careful not to let the stick burn or my hand get into the fire. Even though it cannot kill me and there were no wounds, it still hurts. Therefore, safety first.


               The meat that was grilled to the fire began to turn from red to slightly brown. The oil from the meat started to trickle down and exuding a seductive fragrance. I had not smelled for a long time, my stomach starting to growl. As for the villagers, well, they are making sniffing noises when they smell the scent carried along with the wind. I heard the swallowing saliva sound many times.


               I think it's done already. I watched as the skewed meat turning into a beautiful brown color. I pulled it out before reaching towards Yuna, who ran here without the need to call her.


               "G... God! What is this!?" (Yuna)


               "It's just a piece of meat, but it went through the power known as "Cook" until it reaches its cooked state."


               It's so embarrassing. Making just cooking food sounds miraculous, which of course, everyone believes! Well, explaining it like a creation of God is much easier than explaining the scientific principle. Plus, the villagers believed it as quickly as some in the third-world country.


               "Try it!"


               I handed the cooked meat to her before feeding it into Yuna's thin mouth. Feels good! Folks! Feeding food to a cute girl is a dream of all men.


               As soon as the meat enters the mouth. Yuna's eyes had just opened wide before closing with her mouth chewing delicious meat. Her demeanor was like a foodie on TV or a cartoon character in a cooking cartoon that made an overacting reaction. Uhh, I think this is a bit overacting. It's just typical grilled meat without any seasoning.


               "This...this is so delicious! My Lord. Is this the power called "Cooking"? It's so amazing. I don't know if we can also do it like you?" (Yuna)


               Yuna, who had swallowed the meat in her throat, suddenly asked me. I was shocked. I didn't expect that just an ordinary meat grilling skill learned from cooking mama and microwave oven can make these villagers feel as delicious as a five-star chef can do.


               "Of course, anyone can do this because I have given this power to ye guys."


               That's it. Suddenly they start making a loud noise as if the cemetery is exploded! All the villagers rushed towards me as if I'm a star actor. Then, each of them hurriedly picked up their stick and piecing stick into the meat.


               "Lord. What should we do next?"


               "First of all, put the meat above the fire. Be careful not to make contact with the fire. Otherwise, it will catch fire.


               As I teach them, they follow my instruction simply. Each of them lit a fire before doing what I had been shown by putting the meat on top of the fire.


               "Then turn around and wait until the meat turns light brown before you can eat. Be careful, if you grill it too long it will turn black, which is definitely not good."


               "Why?" (Yuna)


               Right, it is dangerous to eat burnt meat since it contains carcinogens that cause cancer. At least, that is what the government and health agencies said. Of course, although it is dangerous, having it a little makes it delicious. Since it is impossible to make them understand carcinogens and cancer, let's use the standard method!


               "Because it contains God of darkness' curse!!! When the meat turns black, it means the God of darkness has infiltrated his power into the meat!"


               After hearing this, every villager looks terrified, as if they had encountered a ghost. Each of them hurriedly picked it up and look at their meat immediately. The one who had not yet burned breathed a sigh of relief. But who has burn marks, they almost throw it away as if found a disgusting insect! It's best to stop them before they become too serious.


               "Don't worry too much. If there is only a small burnt, with my power, the curse can do nothing. However, if it's too much, my power will not be able to stop it. How sad."


               Saying, I made a sad face as if I am insulting my lack of abilities. Which villagers hurry to kneel, both praying and also making excuses for me.


               "No, no, my Lord! You have granted us powers, and also prevent us from the curse. This is indeed a great grace!"


               "That's right, just fighting the God of Darkness every day must be exhausting enough. You still share your power to help us receiving power from the fire. This is already great mercifulness." (Yuna)


               Well, that's how my cooking lesson ended well. Before leaving, I don't forget to throw shit at them as always.


               "There are still many ways to cook food using the power of fire. Ye shall seek these things, using wisdom I granted ye. For now, let's enjoy the mealtime. I'll take a break first."


               Today, humans received both divine equipment called containers. A sacred object that carries meat and vegetables is called the plate. The cup and jars hold the power of water. Finally, the power to receive the power of fire is called "cooking". Also, the power to make food look more appetizing, "Grilling".



- Pottery technology - 1/2

- Cooking 

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