Chapter 9: Reputed to be God, fighting monsters is not an issue!

Stone age
Chapter 9: Reputed to be God, fighting monsters is not an issue!

              "Hmm, the meat is so delicious!!"

              I said while chewing the roast meat from a dried clay dish deliciously. Anyway, it's normal. If we haven't eaten it for a long time and later eat again, we will feel much more delicious than usual.

              I looked at the lunch in front with satisfaction. It's the right decision to teach villagers how to cook and make dishes. That's why I now have proper food. Plus, when I have grilled meat, I feel like vegetables are more delicious giving me a similar feeling to the Korean grilled meat wrapped with leaves and vegetables.

              "If there were a sauce, that would be better."

              I groaned out. Speaking of meat, what is indispensable is the dipping sauce; it is the thing that enhances the flavor of grilled meat to the absolute best. After thinking about it, I felt desperate. Dipping sauce? How to make it?

              I don't even know how to make the fish sauce that is the most popular in Thailand. I know that I have to marinate the fish. But how to do it is another matter.

              "Lord, we got a trouble!!"


              While gently eating grilled meat wrapped with vegetables, Usba suddenly broke into my house. That made me startled to the point my face dipped into the plate.

              "Hey! Usba. Before thou come in, thou must knock on the door. Coming in like this, I am startled."

              I taught them from the very beginning of building the village about this etiquette. Before entering the others' house, you have to knock on the door all the time. When I reprimanded Usba, who already knows this point, he hurriedly bowed his head and apologized.

              "I'm really sorry, my Lord. But something happened."

              "What happened?"

              I replied without much interest. Even though Usba's face looks panicked. Well, speaking of something happening. If it isn't to call me to check their pottery making, it will be tasting their grilled meat. Also, every time they give me something to eat, they must do some sort of ritual. That makes me look like a guardian spirit. Well, let's come back.

              "That's right. About our livestock in the those cows...they are..."

              "What? Are they in labor? Or did they kick someone during milking?"

              Oh! That's right. I forgot to mention this. After teaching them how to cook food, I also teach them how to milk the cow. Well, just only water is so dull. I want to drink something else. In the current situation, the only thing we have is milk. Of course, I'm not a professional in this field. I just replicate what I did during the Korat school field trip.

Of course, I was kicked several times. Since I'm an immortal, this cannot kill me, so there is no problem. As for villagers, some of them got kicks and also got injured. Luckily no one died. Which it keeps happening; that's why they keep reporting me about this incident.

              "No, sir! The cattle that we have raised, half of them is dead."

              "What!!! Half of them?"


              That's quite a large number since we have around 50 of them. This is a big problem. Currently, cows are the source of our food and milk. This will cause us a shortage in the future.


              "This is a big problem. Hurry and bring me to the scene."

              "Yes, sir!"

              Usba and I ran to the cattle located in the east of the village. When we arrived, I was stunned. The scene in front of me is so scary. Twenty cows lay dead on the grass. The green grass turns red with the blood of those cows. It seemed to be starting to dry up a bit and giving weird smells. However, the frightening was the cow's wounds. According to the traces, I think it should be some beast, like tigers or lions.

              "This is bad, really bad!"

              I murmured to myself. At first, I thought that putting torches around the village could drive away beast, but that's shallow thinking. We need to improve the village protection infrastructure. Right, we need to construct "that".

              "Usba, thou shall summon everyone. I will let you construct a wall."


              "Well, I'll explain later. Let's summon villagers first. Also, tell them to gather woods and rope made from the aquatic plants as much as possible."


              "I have brought everyone here, and these are wood that you ordered."

              When Usba finished speaking, they put "Wood" on the floor. There are all sizes, from small branches to large logs, that need 3 men to carry. Well, that's my fault that I didn't tell them clearly.

TL. You might confuse why I use an ambiguous word like wood, not log or stick. In Thai, we usually use the word wood for every size of wood. We don't usually call separately for log and stick.

              "Now, listen to this. From the looks of it, it seems like our village was invaded by beasts. They came and ate the animals that we have raised."


              They nodded in response to my words. Well, they seemed to understand the same situation. At least I don't have to explain much.

              "Therefore, I will grant ye the new protection. That thing is called the wall."


              "Correct! Wall or fence is something that is used to create a territory to prevent anything from invading the area it covers."

              It can protect well, of course. The wooden wall I will create should be fine as long as the beasts don't jump too high or be too strong.

              "Then let me explain how to make it. First, ye need a lot of logs. Make it be around 9 to 10 branches (measurement unit from the previous chapter) for the height. As for the size, I need 1 person-hug size. For the amount, let's say as much as possible."

TL. Person hug is a Thai measurement unit for the tree circumference. Like a 3 person-hug tree means you need 3 people to hold hands around the tree.

              "After that, ye shall dig holes, nailing the logs into them and binding logs together with rope."


              "Yes, sir!"

              After they received my order, they throw away small branches and left only logs. Which, fortunately, the size is exactly what we need. The rest is length, which is a simple matter. We just use the stone to cut them out to the same length. By using the ruler that I invented last time to compare the length. It's really useful!

              The entire process takes quite a lot of time. Since we don't have enough logs in stock, we need to cut down trees for more logs. That took us 2 days. Of course, during this period, I assigned guards to watch out for the surrounding area. Using the system that if you find something strange, immediately raise the torch in your hand to send the signal. Luckily, there is no invasion yet. But I still can't let my guard down. When there is a first time, there must be a second time, and so on. So, I need to use the safety-first principle.

              "Well done! Looks like we have enough wood. Now ye guys shall dig holes, then nail logs into the holes."

              When we finished preparing the logs, I continue giving out the tasks. First, you need to dig holes. Then, stand the log before nailing into the soils. Of course, it is impossible to set up the log with more than 3 meters straight with their bare hands. I told them to use ropes which they made from aquatic plants. They were tied at the end before pulling the log up and burying the ground at its base, and that's it. The process of building the wooden wall now took about 2 days. As for the progress, it's already completed three forth. I guess within tomorrow everything should be done.

              "Ah, hello God! Coming here, is there anything we can help with?"

              "No, I'm just a little nervous. So today, I want to come and patrol with ye."

              "What a blessing to us!"

              After they spoke, they immediately bowed their knees to respect me. I did nothing but raise my hand. Let them stand up before starting a conversation with them.

              "So how was it? Today... Huh!!?"

              In the northeastern part of the village, light rose and waved as a signal. I taught them to send a signal as soon as they see something strange. Seeing that, I hurriedly run along with the other two villagers I talked to just now.

              "God! there seems to be something moving over there."

              When the villager who was waving fire saw me rushing in, he hurriedly pointed out where he had found something. Immediately, I saw something like a shadow running around.

              "Um, it seems like something is running this way, then..."

              Then, I use the power that I haven't used for a while. The only skill I have that looks useless, Shining. When I use it, my body shone brightly until I saw everything around clearly, including what is coming this way.

              Hey!!! That's a tiger!!! Right, I saw a tiger-like animal running towards me. To be more precise, it is coming this way with me as its target. Wrong! There are 3 of them!!! This is bad! Just one is already scary, but there are 3! Even though I said they look like tigers, they're all bigger, thicker, and more muscular with teeth that grew like a saber-toothed tiger. Just seeing them, I feel tingling in the neck.

              But the one that caught my eye the most was probably what was on their head. It resembled a crystal. It is a green crystal shining with the light coming out of a light bulb man like me. By the way, don't animals usually afraid of lights? Why do they rush towards me as if I'm their food? This is out of common sense!

              I don't feel good, but still, I paused to think further before snatching the spear out of a villager's hand. This spear was made from the same material as the ax(equipment) is a stone from Ax(animal) 's corpse.

TL: Terrible naming sense, lol.

              I ran in like I was ready to fight them. Not because I'm brave or think I'm good at anything. Since my body is immortal like this, even if these guys are insidious or have any hidden power, I'm not in danger at all. It's to the point that if I stand still for them to bite the entire day, my body is still scratch-free. I don't think I'm bragging at all.

              "Come on, you foolish tiger!"

              As if they understand my words, the three tigers roared in a threatening tone once before soaring into me. Of course, an immortal like me don't seem afraid at all. I let one of them hit me before thrusting the spear in my hand into the center of its head.


              It's stuck!

              The spear I thrust into his head didn't even reach his head. No, at least it's enough to call an abrasion. But like this, instead of being afraid of me, they became even angrier. Look, they're staring at me. Staring at me as if there was a grudge from a past life.

              Well, that's it. Just like I guessed. With the skill of a person who only knows how to do close thrust and a far thrust during his reserve officer training class. What are you think I have to deal with these strong saber-toothed tigers?

Then the tiger roared as it shook its head. Suddenly the green crystal on its head shone brightly before it thrust its head forward. A gust of wind quickly gathered at its head before being unleashed, thrusting into my body. Even though it wouldn't hurt me, but its strength pushed me away and made me stuck in the wall. Hey, there's a wind coming out of its head! The wind without any special effect, this kind of thing, it must be right. It's magic!

              Knowing this, I should have been a little afraid of that tiger. I was trembling with joy. Well, it's magic! Do you know? Seeing magic not from the movies but with my own eyes like this is a wonderful experience.

              Let me guess, I think the crystal on its head must have been a medium for its magic. Knowing this, I was already preparing to harvest it from these tigers. Let's die and become the first magic weapon of mankind.

              But that's all I can think of. My body now, after being hit by the wind, floated in mid-air. In addition, the situation seemed more brutal than before when another tiger was about to jump up to me in mid-air like this. Although it wasn't a serious issue since I am immortal. But with the greed for the crystals on their head, I had to figure out a way to kill them.


              Thinking like that, I tightened the spear in my hand tightly and prepared to thrust against it as it ran into it. Since stabbing normally can do nothing to them, using their force to help should make it through it. And then...

              Eh!? The spear is gone, everyone! The spear in my hand is gone. Where? Perhaps it flew away when I was hit by the wind. Damn! I have to hurry up and find a weapon.

                             Suddenly, I glanced behind, hoping for my lost weapon. Then I saw one of the best scenes. The black stone spear that used to be in my handspun around, floating in the air, at the next moment a man appeared. He grabbed that spear with a beautifully backflip-like Kamen rider opening scene.

TL. I felt old for knowing what Kamen rider is.

              "Don't worry, my god, I, Usba, who is like your weapon, will help you defeat these beasts."

              After speaking, Usba wielded his spear as if he had graduated from a martial arts academy in China, then ran out at speed slightly faster than an average person. When the white tiger was about to bite into my arm, Usba lowered himself before transmitting weight and energy throughout the body into his arms. He raised his arm in a prepping posture, adjusting the angle and throwing it out full force.


              The tip of the black spear sharply passed through my leg and then pierced through the mouth of the white tiger. With the tremendous force he used, the tip of the black spear burst out from the tiger's head. Then it collapsed on the ground before it arrived at me.

              "It's okay, my Lord. Usba will take care of all of them myself. Please stay still and let this Usba do my duty in the name the Lord has given me."

              Usba turned to look at me, who had fallen to the ground, and spoke with a great sentence. Before pulling the spear out of the tiger's head, wielding it for a while, and then ran to the other two tigers.

              Hey Usba, you're too handsome now. Typically, your role is just a supporting role. Isn't it just slapping my words? Why, this time, playing the role of the hero, making me look like a supporting role character instead of you?

              Usba ran into a fight with the tigers. He showed me a talent that I had never seen before. He was able to completely dodge the tigers' attack. For example, when the tiger clawed at him, he only swayed slightly to avoid the attack. If they use wind magic to shoot at him, he just somersaulted himself away from the magic line.

              The two tigers, knowing that their enemies seemed difficult to deal with. It was starting to work more as a team. Their attack became more complex and coordinated. Another clawed at Usba to lure him away. Go where the other trap is waiting. But Usba dodged in time. He used his leg that seemed to be many times smaller than the tiger's leg, kicking it until it flopped on the ground. At the same moment that a tiger was kicked by Usba to lie down on the floor. Its friend, who had passed by, turned to Usba before soaring, hoping to bite into Usba's neck.

              "Too late, lowly beast!"

              Usba spoke in a cold voice that I had never heard before. He lowered his legs, and then the spear in his hand was shot out with great force. The black spear smashed into the gaping tiger, which, of course. With both the strength of Usba and the sharpness of the stone, in combination, it passed through the head until it smashed into the white-fanged tiger's brain easily.


              But seems like he put too much force on it, the spear broke, and the stone cannot be reused since it was embedded in the middle of the tiger's head.

              When the tip of the spear embedded into its head, blood gushed from its head, bathing Usba's body. I felt like I was watching a thriller movie that a crazy murderer was slaughtering only one side. But before he could do anything, it was as if the other tiger was already conscious.

              As I was about to turn around and shout to the villagers who were staring at the battle in shock, hurriedly throwing a spear to help Usba. Usba did an incredible thing.

              "Huh, just only this. It can't stop Usba, who is the weapon of God!"

              Usba grabbed the two fangs of the tiger that rushed towards him. Then, purely relying on his strength, he threw the tiger to the ground, using himself as a pivot point. Then he yanked the tiger's fangs out. When its fangs are plucked, it let out a pained cry as blood splattered all over Usba's hands. After that, Usba stabbed the fangs in his hand and pierced through its head in a single stroke.

              The battle that I counted on was less than five minutes. Usba has dealt with the wind tigers. Well, let me give it a simple name first. As you all see, in less than five minutes, Usba, my man, had slaught the wind tiger that is very OP in my eyes with ease without any wounds.

              "This is your punishment for daring to touch my God with that lower body. Yes, your punishment is death. Dying as worthless as insects."

              Why is it so brutal? Is this the same Usba that I know?

              When it all ends, everyone rushed over to Usba and praised him. Which he only shook his head and replied in a sentence like a hero.

              "That's nothing much."

              Yes, it ruined my role. Ideally, the people who would take down the tigers must be me! It's me who managed to get rid of it without any scars and being praised by villagers like "As expected, my God can easily get rid of them!". This time, it seems like he can steal my scene once. However, to maintain the image, I have to say something.

              "Huh, the power has awakened, Usba. It's not in vain that I hoped for thou."

              "Yes, but Gods were knocked over by them like that. Don't tell me that..."

              "Yes, I know thou are coming. I can see the potential in thou, but your power doesn't seem to awaken yet. So I have to create a situation for thy power to truly awaken."

              "Ah, that's like this! That's why I can feel the power increasing in my body. I have to thank the Lord very much!"

              Usba bent down to thank me in a voice filled with gratitude. Yes, as everyone knows, I am. Come on. Well, at least I can remain the face of the God of light which is talented in everything. But I wonder why Usba is so good at it.

              "Oh, this guy. No matter how many times I watch it, it's still not funny. Trying to do something cool but got snatch the whole scene by his subordinate. Oh, I saw it. Haha."

              At first, he thought Arun would show his OP ability like typical Gods he had seen. But it turns out that his subordinates took everything?

              "But you're lucky again. Got a cool kid like that. Well, if this hadn't happened, I probably wouldn't have known that you…."

              "Get a Great Warrior like this."

              God finished speaking and opened a screen. Which is the same screen as when he looked at the Finder's information.



Description: A person who is considered to have high combat skills superior to those of his race. This type of person could easily fight against a hundred people of the same race. To eliminate him, you need a legendary class warrior or one thousand ordinary people.


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If you want to know what the man-hug size is. This is another way to measurement tree size in Thailand.

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